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Daisy May

We would like you to meet Miss Daisy May! If you have been on a trail ride at Mountain View, you have probably met Daisy. She is a very important horse to us, Daisy can be used as a lead horse, a wrangler, a trail horse, and is especially patient …


Jupiter has been at Mountain View for about a year and a half. She was surrendered to us because the other two horses in her herd were beating her up and not allowing her to eat. When a new horse arrives, it takes several weeks or months (depending on the …


It is with profound regret and sadness that Mountain View Stables informs you of the passing of Mel’s horse Vader. To know Vader, was to love him. Mel and Vader had an unshakable bond that had been nurtured and shaped during their time together. It all started when Mel took …