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It is with profound regret and sadness that Mountain View Stables informs you of the passing of Mel’s horse Vader. To know Vader, was to love him. Mel and Vader had an unshakable bond that had been nurtured and shaped during their time together.

It all started when Mel took over the stable. Vader had been left on the property by the previous owner. Mel arrived at the stable, and discovered that Vader was one of several remaining horses. We will never know what had happened to Vader, but we know he had been abused and was emotionally destroyed. He would not let anyone near him, or touch him. When being handled he would spin, bite, buck and rear. He was afraid of everything, and he was dangerous. Mel was told that he was not worth it, and that he should be put down because he couldn’t be helped.

If you know Mel, you will know that she would not accept this defeat. She began working with Vader to form a bond with him and develop trust between them. After three months, Vader was able to be safely handled on the ground. Several weeks later, Mel was able to ride him, during this ride he attempted to buck, spin and throw Mel – but he had met his match. Mel could not be thrown and Vader soon learnt to accept her as his rider.

At the beginning of their relationship, Vader was still emotionally damaged and was not quick to trust humans. It took several years for Mel and Vader to trust each other completely. Through time, patience and respect Mel and Vader accepted each other and became the true partners that they were. They both knew each other so well.

Vader was a very smart horse, he was proud, intuitive, and observant. He will be deeply, deeply missed.


If love alone could have kept you here, you would have lived forever.